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Is creativity always this hard?



It’s easy to get sucked into the web. I start out googling some piece of information I want to know more about, move on to another site, and another, and end up hours later with not a whole lot to show for my efforts. Goodness, but there’s a lot of junk out there!

But there’s also some brilliant stuff. Don’t you just love Amazon’s “look inside” function that allows you to pore over book excerpts? Last week I managed to read a few tidbits from several great books, then I found myself reading the authors’ blogs, and I ended up by watching videos they had posted about their work. By then it was time for a coffee break!

Now what?

What I read was interesting and inspiring and exciting, but in some ways, also just a little bit discouraging.

It’s funny that, how other people’s artistry can bring you pleasure and yet dishearten you at the same time. Perhaps it’s how a musician feels when he hears a beautifully-composed piece of music for the first time… appreciating its masterly creation but wishing he could produce something equally meaningful.

But despite the twinges of envy, I can sense God turning over and over in my mind and heart some of the fragments I’ve read. Somehow I know they’re important, and that He wants to use them in my life in some way, and change something in my heart because of them. But what?

These thoughts and senses have been filling my head for weeks. But it’s difficult to understand where God’s going with it all, and what He’s doing.

Slosh, slosh, slosh

When I was little and my mum bought her first frontloading washing machine, I would sit in front of it, watching the water fill up – agonisingly slowly – and the clothes sloshing around and around till all the frothy soapsuds pressing up against the glass door obscured the view.

And that’s how it feels right now. Everything seems mixed up and tumbled together, and the foam so thick I can’t see what’s going on inside. The process feels long and confusing, and I can’t help wondering if it’s going to come to something, or nothing.

I’m hoping – really hoping – that if I keep listening, God is going to end the cycle, pop open the door, and bring out something beautiful and fresh and clean, and that I’ll know exactly what to do with it!


How do you make sense of the creative ideas God gives you? What process works for you?


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  1. Oh, I do love the sloshing analogy! You’re right, sometimes it feels like a long cycle…when the door finally unlocks it will feel amazing 🙂 But the cycle is so necessary, isn’t it? It has been for me.

    It can seem like you’re stuck on a longer cycle than everyone else, but we all need a different degree of sloshing (!) We don’t always know what people have had to go through in order to express that clean beauty, either. I think we are all guilty of assuming someone has not had to go through as many obstacles as we have…but there will have been different obstacles for them, not always visible to the rest of us.

    My challenge has often been to learn to enjoy the journey, even if it does turn me upside down occasionally…which can be VERY uncomfortable.

    • “We all need a different degree of sloshing…” Yes! Thanks for reminding me of that. I must try not to compare myself to others, and to enjoy the journey! I can certainly thank God for being at work, even if I’m not sure what He’s doing. 🙂

  2. Hi there, action is required. How do you eat an elephant? Well, piece by piece. Start writing stuff down, leave the keyboard. Grab a pen and paper and get back to basics. Connect with your thoughts through the ink. It might be jumbled, a mess of words. Doodle, daydream. Grab crayons and use those to write ideas down, the point is to have some fun. Once it is down then play around with it. Cut out the sentences and words, make a puzzle, a picture in words. The point is do something and let God work through your creative process. “In the beginning God created”. Create, Kornelia, and watch Him work through that process. “And God said, ‘Let…” Begin and let Him work through you. God Bless.

  3. Thanks for this – I can really identify with the sense of frustration that comes from not knowing exactly what God has in store for me. I hope that gradually, I’m learning to keep my eyes fixed on him rather than my circumstances, but it’s not always easy. Thanks for your honesty. F.

    • Keeping your eyes fixed on Him definitely sounds like the right way to go. I’m beginning to wonder if He’s not more interested in my spending more time in His presence than in me actually getting the nuts and bolts of where He’s leading me. Perhaps, when I get my focus right, the direction of the journey will fall into place and my role will become clearer. But I also sometimes think I need to just try doing SOMETHING, as I tend to be immobilised by indecision and lack of clarity. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two? Keep sitting at His feet – He’ll show you the way. 🙂


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