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About Me

10 Things About Me…

  1. Love God, love my husband, love animals, love good coffee
  2. I’m passionate about beautiful South Africa, the land of my birth, and lovely Britain – my adopted nation
  3. My instant mood-lifter is the feel of warm sunshine on my face
  4. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a racing driver
  5. I find myself correcting the spelling and grammar on restaurant menus, shop signs, notices… wherever I happen to be!
  6. My favourite food is South African milktart (the rich, creamy filling contrasted with the cool, dry spiciness of the cinnamon…. mmm!)
  7. When I’m cooking dinner I sing and dance around the kitchen to the music playing on UCB
  8. My total indulgence: hour-long facials
  9. I have read all the James Herriot vet stories many times each
  10. One of the times I feel closest to God is during worship.

Writer & Editor

I am a writer and editor by profession, not currently formally employed.

After completing a BA degree in English and Journalism, and an Honours degree in English, at Rhodes University (in South Africa’s Eastern Cape), my first position was as a resources officer for a small NGO involved in education.

I moved on to a service organisation where over the next 14 years I honed my editing and writing skills while working in the publishing, marketing and corporate affairs departments.

In various positions I was responsible for editorial emanating from the publishing department, as well as being company editor of the organisation’s membership magazine. As communications manager I oversaw the quality of the organisation’s printed material.

I currently participate in volunteer work, including assisting with communications for my local church, and I am a member of the Association of Christian Writers. I am fascinated by social media and the ways in which it connects people.

Samples of my writing/editing

Press release for Children Changing Nations – Childrenswork magazine (Oct/Nov 2012)

Children pray for the nation









To the manor born – AA Traveller magazine (Spring 2008)


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  1. Hello! I’ve just found you via the ACW FB page and I’m glad I did. I’m totally with you on 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10 and I’d love to visit South Africa. I have friends in Johannesburg and they tell me that your country is very, very beautiful.
    Thanks for your welcome on ACW. I look forward to getting to know you a bit better!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Helen, and for your encouragement. I’m from Joburg too, and I do miss SA – the awesome scenery, the friendly people, the bush and wildlife. But Northampton, England is home now and it’s exciting to be part of an amazing church where God is on the move! 🙂 Much grace to you in your blogging and your walk with the Lord. He has so much in store for you! xx

  2. Ek hou ook van melktert (slurp) and funnily enough, I also correct spelling and grammar on most things too!! Weird little thing we do!! Um….. racing driver hey???? Who would have thought!!

  3. Yes, may you be blessed with many dreams, visions and ideas to put in writing to entertain, inspire and uplift people. Rejoice, be bold and keep smiling!! Xxx
    Marie M.

  4. Well done for finally putting fingers to keys on the interweb. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Hi Kornelia,

    Dit lyk pragtig…. Marvellous job you’re doing. Keep going and be blessed as you share your thoughts, love for writing, passions and joys. Praying for you for great success and new adventures!

    Jou maatjie
    Marie Melktert


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