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Will you see the Noah movie?

noahThere has been some heated discussion online recently about the new movie Noah, a Hollywood blockbuster starring Russell Crowe, which releases in the UK on 4 April.

It’s 10 years since Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ came out, so many Christians were looking forward to another good, bible-based film. But then came the news that the Genesis story had been dramatically (and contentiously) rewritten for Hollywood.

Even the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, was quoted as saying “it’s the least biblical biblical film ever made”. Apparently Paramount bosses were worried about the negative reactions test screenings had received from Judeo-Christian audiences, so they tried editing it to create a few different versions. These fared no better, however, so it is Aronofsky’s account that will be shown to worldwide audiences from the end of this month.

Objections from Christians

A few days ago UK digital radio station United Christian Broadcasters offered a competition prize of a trip to London for a special preview screening of the film. This prompted concerned responses from one or two believers who objected to the film’s unbiblical interpretation and accused it of promoting deception.

One follower, however, said they saw the picture as an opportunity to share their faith, and to discuss with non-Christian friends how the movie deviates from the truth of the account in the Bible.

Elsewhere on the web opposing views have been detailed in articles such as ‘Should Christians support the movie Noah?’ on the Huffington Post’s religion page – which makes some valid points and ultimately gives the movie the nod, versus the blog Around the World with Ken Ham which cautions movie-goers against the film, citing its bizarre storylines, while Christianity Today balances five positive facts about the film with five negative features.

Make up your mind

Having read some of the arguments I might be inclined to give this one a miss, preferring to spend my shekels on the new independent film Son of God about the life of Jesus which, while not necessarily blockbuster, looks like a more uplifting experience that remains true to the text.

I guess each of us needs to make up our own mind about how we respond to pop culture art that calls into question elements of our faith. Thankfully, God is greater than it all and the truth of his Word, along with the Holy Spirit’s revelation, is all we require.

What’s your response to a ‘re-writing’ of a biblical truth?